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Sunday, July 31, 2016

When I run out ideas for a post I would always look on the internet what I could put a blog post together about. And this time I came with the idea, why not to do a collaboration with one of my favorite girls Emily Bashforth. She blogs over at her blog. And also writes articles for CelebMix, you definitely have to check her out guys. Emily and I came up with 15 different questions for each other, which go all around the summer time. No matter if fashion, beauty or lifestyle.
Well I don’t know what more to say so let’s get started ;)
1) What is one thing you want to accomplish this summer?
A: Finally to reach my goal to work out more. Definitely will keep up with it.
2) If you could visit anywhere this summer, where would you go?
A: Definitely Bali. This is a place I’d die for to visit it.
3) What’s your favorite lipstick for this summer?
A: I usually don’t wear lipstick, but if I could choose of any lipstick then I’d take the L’Oréal JLo's Nude 
4) What’s your favorite flavor if ice cream?
A: This is a bit hard, but I would say Cookies or Mango… But never together haha.
5) What’s your go-to outfit on a hot day?
A: I feel the most comfortable when I wear a dress, so I take the dress
6) What’s your favorite summer drink?
A: Well I am kind of Starbucks addicted so I would take their Green Iced Shaken Hibiscus Tea.
7) What do you enjoy doing when you’re bored in the summer?
A: I love reading, like this is still my favorite thing to do.
8) What is your favorite summer memory from your life so far?
A: When me and my family went to Monaco. This was so cool.
9) Who are you most looking forward to spending time with this summer?
A: Probably my family. While I am in school I see them less, since I am always there or studying in my room and at the weekend I am working and then I have to study again. So I actually am excited about this time now.
10) What’s one thing you always have in your handbag during Summer time?
A: I have two things I never let at home during this time. My hairbrush and my deodorant, never forgetting them haha.
11) Name one exciting thing you have planned for this summer.
A: Not this exciting, but I will be going on holiday in Bulgaria, where I actually come from, and will enjoy some time off with the family.
12) If you could only live with three make-up products this summer, what would they be?
A: My Mascara, my rouge and my lip balm.
13) What is one of your beach essentials?
A: My headphones and phone. I would always take them with me. Everywhere.
14) What is one skill you want to learn this summer?
A: This one I actually can already, but I haven’t played on my guitar for ages. So I definitely would like to play again
15) What do you think you’ll be doing with your summer in ten years from now?
A: This one is hard. I actually love to plan my life, but to be honest I am not sure what I could be doing then, but I’d love to travel a lot in the future so probably this.

This where all questions which Emily did ask me. If you want to see what I asked her then click here. And this was everything for todays post. Then next one is already on the way and will be up really soon. Also I’d love to know more about you so why not answer the questions in the comments bellow :*.

Kisses xx

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